Score Optimization Systems

Our S.O.S. Score Optimization Systems technology interprets each client's credit file in its entirety identifying all of the factors affecting both their credit score while determining the most effective and efficient way in tremendously increasing their credit rating and purchasing power. S.O.S. delivers all of our clients with the financial freedom and security they need and deserve allowing them to obtain all of their financial and employment goals while saving thousands of dollars each and every year in interest overcharges.

How can S.O.S. assist YOU?

Through our S.O.S. Score Optimization Systems, we are able to assist you in tremendously increasing your credit score and purchasing power allowing you to obtain the financial solutions you deserve while saving thousands of dollars each and every year in interest overcharges. We focus on each individual client and their personal needs and goals. At S.O.S., we dedicate our efforts to assisting you in changing your life today while helping you build a bright, new future for tomorrow by optimizing your credit score and educating you in how to utilize your credit wisely as a tool, not as a means, while obtaining wealth!

How is S.O.S. able to do this?

First, it is important to know that there are Federal and State CONSUMER LAWS that regulate how information is reported to a consumer's personal credit report including the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Our S.O.S. Score Optimization Systems will evaluate each of your personal credit reports held by the three major credit reporting agencies, Equifax, Experian and Trans Union. It then identifies all of the negative items as well as the positive credit history along with many other factors contained within your credit files that are affecting both your credit score and your purchasing power. S.O.S. then gathers information to ensure that all parties reporting adverse information to your credit files have complied with all of the laws and statutes governing the reporting processes accordingly. Due to the huge number of errors made when reporting information, S.O.S. is extremely successful in finding many mistakes made. Once those reporting violations are found, S.O.S. will process dispute affidavits and forward the affidavits directly to each of the credit reporting agencies for immediate removal of the negative listings.

S.O.S. can also evaluate your financial portfolio enabling us to educate you on the necessary financial steps you can take in order to save thousands of dollars each and every year in interest overcharges. We will then teach you how to utilize the extra cash flow to your advantage in creating wealth while turning all of your dreams into realistic goals as you truly start to plan for your and your family's future. Whether it is buying a new home, purchasing a vehicle, retirement, establishing college funds for your children, paying off high interest rate credit cards, obtaining a new job, or all of the above, by identifying what your personal goals are and developing creative ways to obtain those goals, S.O.S. will show you how better interest rates, lower insurance premiums, and a better use of funds can give you the cash flow you require to obtain all of your financial goals while establishing a solid, financial foundation.

How long does the S.O.S. process take?

S.O.S. Score Optimization Systems delivers you results in as little as 45 to 60 days. However, as there are many factors in providing the success you require, the total amount of time your process will take does depend on your personal credit file, your current credit score, your goals, and the score requirement for you to obtain your goals. Because every credit file is unique, the total time necessary to complete our work will vary by client.

At S.O.S., we do offer every client a free, initial consultation at which point we can provide you with the estimated time for us to complete your file allowing you to obtain all of your financial goals. Are you ready for a NEW START?

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I just wanted to say thank you so very much for all your help. In the begining, the cost seemed like alot, but now it was the best thing we have ever done!Absolutley worth every penny! My hus band credit went from beyond repair to a excellent credit report score and only one negative compaired to 12!

Thanks again and Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

M. Wynia - Washington